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Pennsylvania’s APPRISE Program Honored for Medicare Part D Education Efforts

“Our APPRISE volunteers worked tirelessly to provide assistance over the phone, in person and at countless statewide enrollment and information meetings,” said Secretary of Aging Nora Dowd Eisenhower. “This deserving recognition belongs to the dedicated volunteers who patiently worked to help older Pennsylvanians and other Medicare beneficiaries understand this complex new benefit.” “Out of the [...]

Medicare Part D Drug Prices Jumped 3.7% in Last Five Months

“At the same time that the Bush Administration and Congressional leaders are touting the effectiveness of the Medicare drug plans, those plans are quietly raising the prices that they charge,” said Ron Pollack, Executive Director of Families USA. “As a result, seniors will pay more and more — as will America’s taxpayers.” One of the [...]

Medicare Drug Plan Enrolls 38.7 Million

“I’d just like to stress what good news this is for our seniors and the Medicare program,” Leavitt said in announcing the enrollment numbers. “Competition works. The costs are lower and enrollment in Medicare drug coverage is stronger than expected.” “The moral dilemma is that the people in greatest need are the people still unenrolled,” [...]

Pharmacists say Medicare program shortchanges them

“I got drilled by it,â€? Redden said. “The program went into effect Jan. 1 and we didn’t get some of our money until April.â€? “So, I’ve got to open a bottle and sit on the other 70 pills that may not be used again,â€? Redden said. “I’m lucky because I’ve been in the business since [...]

Mental Health Patients Face High Out-of-Pocket Costs Under Medicare Part D Prescription Benefit

“The new Medicare drug law protects elderly patients with mental illness who would otherwise have had no coverage and face high prescription drug costs, but existing private coverage is substantially better than the standard Part D plan,” said Gibson. “Employers play an important role in providing prescription drug coverage to retirees. Employers weighing a move [...]

Denials by Medicare frustrate companies

“Should we pay for anything that any physician wants to provide to any patient?” asked Steve Phurrough, director of coverage and analysis at the Centers for Medicare & medicaid services in Washington. “I think the answer to that is no.” “It is a challenge to the industry, and it’s a frustration for the smaller manufacturer,” [...]

Getting Help for an Aging Relative

“I feel very fortunate that she is able to have this,” said Mrs. Porter, 55, a flight attendant with US Airways. “There’s the comfort of knowing someone is there.” “We do all the things that adult children would do,” said Cheryl Smith, founder and owner of Kansas City Home Care. “We become their surrogate family.” [...]

Valley View certified for Medicare

“Anytime you open a new facility, CMS or Medicare requires that the facility be inspected to ensure proper care for patients,� said Sherry McDonald, vice president of clinical operations at LifePoint Hospitals. “You have to meet the conditions of participation.� Read more on this topic.

Medicare Prices for Some Care Revealed

“People need to know how much their health care costs, the quality they receive and they need to have a reason to care,” he said. “Once people gain better information, they will become better consumers of care, which helps drive health care costs down and the quality of care goes up.” “What will be useful [...]

Medicare beneficiary data left in hotel

Humana takes the privacy of our members very seriously,” said Steve Brueckner, Humana‘s vice president for senior products. “It is important that our members have confidence that we are handling their personal and private information with the highest integrity and respect. These enhanced measures should give them a renewed sense of confidence in our ability [...]