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Medicare recipients nearing drug limit

Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., says enrollees who hit the limit will discover “costs are going to increase dramatically and, in many instances, to the point where they can’t afford their medicines.” “Politics are starting to trump reality on the ground,” Ghose says. “The reality is that millions of beneficiaries are receiving drug coverage that [...]

Glitch has So. Fla. Medicare recipients overpaying

“I’m now out over $600. August is going to come and I’ll be out another $88,” said J. Robert Edelson, a Fort Lauderdale retiree who works part-time to make ends meet. “We little guys in the middle are getting hurt. My car insurance is due and I could really use $300.” Medicare hopes to resolve [...]

ViPS and WebMD, Units of Emdeon, Awarded Contract by The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services

“ViPS is pleased to be working with CMS on this feasibility test,” said Arthur Lehrer, President, ViPS. “We look forward to partnering with WebMD to further support CMS as it works towards meeting the President’s vision of electronic health records for all Americans within the next 10 years.” “Our work on this important CMS project [...]

NCQA Receives Authority to Review Medicare Advantage PPOs

“Medicare‘s deeming program provides real value to the health care system, by streamlining the review process for health plans that have demonstrated their commitment and ability to deliver quality care,” said NCQA President Margaret E. O’Kane. “We’re pleased to continue this vital public-private partnership with CMS and our Accredited plans.” “Our partnership with NCQA over [...]

Medicare Recipients See Drug Costs Balloon As They Hit Coverage Gap

“Then they realize it’s no mistake, and they’re devastated,” she said. “They don’t know where to get the money. Many pull out their credit cards and say they’ll worry about it later.” “I was shocked when my druggist told me I owed $200 more than last month,” said Mary Hitt, who is 67 and lives [...]

GAO Report Says Physicians Not Likely to Limit Medicare Patients if Pay is Cut

According to the report, which analyzes CMS data, concerns about decreased access to providers “were heightened in 2002″ when Medicare physician payments were reduced 5.4% to lower spending increases. However, the report finds that no more than about 7% of beneficiaries have experienced “a major access difficulty.” “Reprinted with permission from You can view [...]