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McALLEN â€? A federal grand jury has indicted the former operations director of A-Care EMS Inc. on charges that he sent …

McALLEN â€? A federal grand jury has indicted the former operations director of A-Care EMS Inc. on charges that he sent fraudulent claims to the Centers for Medicare and medicaid services to pull in more money. Read more here…

Md. Hospital Might Face Fines, Loss Of Medicare

A Montgomery County hospital where a 29-year-old patient suffered extreme malnutrition before his death could face steep state fines within weeks and even the loss of federal Medicare funding this fall because of serious failings in care. Read more here…

Medicare to Reveal Data About Doctors

Consumers may soon have more information to help them select a doctor when they need an operation or other serious medical procedure. Read more here…

Medicare’s Hospital Reimbursement Rule On Preventable Errors A Welcome Change, Editorial States

In light of the “substantial” cost of medical errors, Medicare‘s new rule to refuse to pay the costs of preventable hospital errors will provide an incentive that should “help reduce the taxpayers’ burden,” a Washington Times editorial states. It continues, “It’s not to say that hospitals are careless now, but the new rules will make [...]

Long Island Newsday Examines Medicare Rule That Will Deny Payment To Hospitals For Preventable Errors

Long Island Newsday on Wednesday examined a new rule from CMS that will deny reimbursements to hospitals for preventable errors that occur while patients are in their care, a move that advocates believe will encourage better quality and help reduce avoidable injury and infection rates. Hospital-acquired infections are the most common cause of preventable patient [...]

Medicare and health-care errors

For decades, Medicare has been paying hospitals the cost of fixing medical errors that resulted from the hospitals’ own negligence. The Bush administration has announced that, as of Oct. Read more here…

Medicare Increases Coverage Of Preventive Services, Promotes Screenings Among Beneficiaries

Fewer than 10% of Medicare beneficiaries receive recommended health screening and immunizations, even as Medicare increasingly is covering preventive services, according to CMS, the Wall Street Journal reports. [click link for full article] Read more here…

Ruling may unlock key data on doctors

An order to release Medicare files might help patients choose physicians. Medical experts say the records don’t tell the whole story. Whether it’s a hernia repair or heart bypass, doctors with a lot of experience performing a given operation tend to have better results. The problem for patients in choosing a physician has been finding [...]

Doctors up pressure on Medicare on anemia drugs

U.S. cancer doctors on Thursday plan to ratchet up pressure on the federal Medicare agency to reverse new limits on use of anemia drugs made by Amgen Inc. and Johnson & Johnson. Read more here…

Court Rules HHS Must Release Medicare Physician Claims Data

The U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia has ruled that HHS must release Medicare physician claims data for Illinois, Maryland, Virginia, Washington state and Washington, D.C., a decision that could help the public evaluate the performance of the program and the physicians, the Wall Street Journal reports. [click link for full article] Read [...]

New AHIP Ad Campaign: Medicare Advantage Cuts Threaten Seniors’ Health Security, USA

America’s health insurance plans (AHIP) has launched a new national television ad campaign reminding Congress about the devastating impact on seniors of cuts to Medicare Advantage.Titled “Last Time,” the ad follows passage of legislation by the House of Representatives that would cut the Medicare advantage program by $157 billion over ten years. [click link for [...]

New Medicare Bulk-Billing Records, Australia

Medicare statistics for the June quarter of 2007 showed non-referred GP attendance bulk-billing had increased to 78.2 per cent, up 0.8 percentage points higher than the March quarter and an increase for the 14th consecutive quarter. The overall bulk-billing rate for GP and specialist services in the June quarter is 73.4 per cent. This is [...]

BIO: New Survey Data Finds Medicare Part D Working For America’s Seniors

A newly released, in-depth 2006 survey of seniors strongly suggests that Medicare Part D is working to expand coverage to those previously without drug coverage – especially seniors with chronic conditions taking multiple medications, the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) said. [click link for full article] Read more here…

Targeting 2.7 Billion Dollars Medicare Cuts, Ad Effort Urges Lawmakers To Stand Up For Quality Nursing Home Care, USA

In response to the 2.7 billion dollars cuts to Medicare that were passed by the U.S. House of Representatives in the Children’s Health and Medicare Protection Act (CHAMP Act), the long term care provider community today initiated an aggressive TV and print campaign in Congressional districts across the country. [click link for full article] Read [...]

Medicare Proposes New Rules For ASCs That Serve Medicare Patients, USA

The Centers for Medicare & medicaid services (CMS) issued a proposed rule that will revise the requirements that ambulatory surgical centers (ASCs) must meet in order to bill Medicare for services furnished to beneficiaries. [click link for full article] Read more here…