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HHS Secretary Declares Public Health Emergency for Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi, and Alabama

Washington—-HHS Secretary Mike Leavitt today declared a public health emergency to ensure that individuals, including those enrolled in Medicare, medicaid and the State Children’s health insurance Program , in Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi and Alabama continue to receive their health care items and services.

IBM Australia workers plan strike

IBM staff will hold four-hour rolling stoppages in Sydney, a move that would affect customers such as Qantas, Westpac and Medicare.

What You Need to Know About Fixing Medicare

Trouble looms and there are no simple solutions. What you�and the next president�need to know.

Catheter-Related Blood Stream Infections To Be Focus Of AVA Meeting

Improvements in the prevention of catheter-related infections will be a prime focus at the annual conference of the Association for Vascular Access in Sept. The conference comes on the eve of major changes in Medicare that will eliminate payments to hospitals that fail to prevent certain hospital-acquired infections. AVA will hold its 22nd Annual Scientific [...]

Medicare sued over computer program

AN IT company is taking on Medicare, suing it for anti-competitive conduct and breaches of the Trade Practices Act.

Public Health Programs Responsible For Dip In Uninsured Rate Says APHA, Urges Strengthening Medicaid And Medicare

Statement from Georges C. Benjamin, MD, FACP, Executive Director. “While we welcome news today from the U.S. Census Bureau that the number of uninsured Americans has declined, the picture is not all rosy. Yes, the number of people without health insurance has decreased from 47 million in 2006 to 45.7 million in 2007, but it’s [...]

Former Medicare official Ruben Jose King-Shaw Jr. to lead All-Med Services…

Former Medicare official Ruben Jose King-Shaw Jr. to lead All-Med services Ruben Jose King-Shaw Jr., a former Medicare official and former secretary of the Florida Agency for health care Administration, will become chief executive of All-Med services of Florida.

Medicare overpaid for prescription drugs with new generic versions because of delay in incorporating new prices into …

Medicare overpaid for irinotecan, a cancer drug sold by Pfizer under the name Campostar, by $6.5 million in March because of a delay in updating its pricing formula, according to a report released on Tuesday by the HHS Office of Inspector General, Bloomberg/Los Angeles Times reports.

Sen. Grassley Calls For Review Of Medicare Durable Medical Equipment Payment Errors

Sen. Chuck Grassley.

Former Medicare and Medicaid Executive, Ruben Jose King-Shaw Jr., Appointed CEO of All-Med Services of Florida and …

All-Med services of Florida today announced the appointment of Ruben Jose King-Shaw, Jr. as chief executive officer of All-Med services of Florida and Clinical Medical services, the company’s Puerto Rico-based operations.

Aetna Helps Medicare Members Organize Medical Information and Monitor Health with CareEngine-Powered Personal Health …

Aetna available to current Aetna medicare members who purchased their Medicare plans individually. This unique, interactive tool is designed to better engage Medicare members in managing their own health, as well as make it easier for members to share health information with their physicians.

Miami Physician and HIV Clinic Administrator Plead Guilty for Their Roles in a $37 Million Medicare Fraud Scheme

Miami physician Ronald Harris, M.D., and Miami resident Mariela Rodriguez each pleaded guilty today to defrauding the Medicare program in connection with a $37 million HIV infusion fraud scheme, Acting Assistant Attorney General Matthew Friedrich of the Criminal Division and U.S. Attorney R. Alexander Acosta of the Southern District of Florida announced.

HHS Inspector General Report Finds Agency Significantly Underestimated Rate Of Improper Payments For Medicare Durable …

HHS Inspector General Daniel Levinson on Monday released a federal audit that found that Medicare officials underestimated the amount of incorrect payments for durable medical equipment in 2006 and that the miscalculation was caused by the agency’s failure to have auditors follow CMS‘ policy for checking claims, the Wall Street Journal reports.

Senate report says Medicare changes should go ahead

A Senate report into lifting the Medicare levy surcharge says it should go ahead, despite it being difficult to calculate how it will affect Australia‘s health system.

Fed Govt urged to compensate for Medicare levy changes

Family First Senator Steve Fielding wants the Federal Government to compensate low-income families for the increases in private health insurance premiums expected under changes to the Medicare levy surcharge.