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Boulder Hospital Closes Internal Medicine Practice

Boulder Community Hospital has closed its internal medicine practice, an office which treated about 6,000 patients who mostly relied on Medicare.

Medline Physician Education Program On Pressure Ulcer Prevention To Help Hospitals Comply With New CMS Reimbursement …

In an effort to help hospitals comply with the recently enacted Centers for Medicare & medicaid services rule, Medline Industries, Inc. today introduced a new educational CD to instruct physicians on assessing and documenting pressure ulcers.

House Democrats Introduce Legislation That Would Allow Medicare To Offer Prescription Drug Plans That Compete With …

Congressional Democrats on Tuesday introduced legislation and Jan Schakowsky (D-Ill.

Center For Medicare Advocacy Applauds Bill That Would Add Prescription Drug Coverage To The Traditional Medicare Program

Vicki Gottlich, Senior Policy Attorney for the Center for Medicare Advocacy, will join Congressman Marion Berry in a joint conference call today, January 27, 2009 at 4 p.m. EST, to discuss the Medicare prescription drug Savings and Choice Act of 2009.

Nurses To Congress: Expanding Medicare Could Reverse Job Losses, And Repair Our Broken Healthcare System And Safety Net

On a day in which Congress prepared to vote on the Obama administration’s proposed $800 billion economic stimulus package, the nation’s largest organization of registered nurses said expanding Medicare to cover all Americans would be one of the most effective economic recovery programs – and could virtually end the nation’s healthcare crisis overnight.

Private clinics in B.C. launch challenge to provincial medicare legislation

VANCOUVER, B.C. – A collection of private medical clinics in British Columbia has set off a legal challenge attempting to have patient access restrictions at their clinics struck down.

Ross County Health District Announces 2008 Flu Clinic Schedule

The Ross County Health District has announced the 2008 Flu Clinic Schedule for Ross County. The clinics costs are $20 with Medicare, medicaid, and cash payments will be accepted and no appointment is necessary.

EARLY RELEASE: Limits on Medicare’s Ability to Control Rising Spending on Cancer Drugs

Top hospitals have much lower mortality

GOLDEN, Colo., Jan. 28 — Medicare patients treated at top-rated U.S. hospitals are 27 percent less likely to die, on average, than those admitted to other hospitals, a report found.

Bill Would Exempt Community Pharmacists From CMS Durable Medical Equipment Accreditation Requirements

Reps. Jerry Moran that would exempt community pharmacists from CMS accreditation requirements to sell durable medical equipment to Medicare beneficiaries, CQ HealthBeat reports.

Medicare Rule Expands Coverage Of Off-Label Cancer Treatments

A November 2008 change in Medicare policy to expand coverage of drugs for off-label uses to treat cancer patients “has sparked questions about rising health care costs and the influence of drugmakers,” the Wall Street Journal reports.

Medicare to cover “off-label” drugs for cancer care

Medicare has quietly expanded its coverage for cancer drugs to include some treatments that haven’t gotten the Food and Drug Administration’s full seal of approval.

Soaring Cancer Drug Costs May Cripple Medicare

A Health Care Model For Failure

Socialized Medicine: Anyone who thinks a national single-payer system would be an improvement isn’t paying attention. Medicare, which provides…

Why Cancer Drugs Are So Expensive and Why Medicare Can’t Fix the Problem

A new health policy report suggests that the swift and dramatic rise in cancer-drug spending is due to laws that keep Medicare from managing the use or price of cancer drugs. These laws limit Medicare’s actions in cancer far more than they are limited in other areas of healthcare.