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Medicare extended to nurses, midwives

Australia‘s health system from today begins a landmark change, extending Medicare by paying benefits to nurse practitioners and midwives and their patients.

Changes for Medicare

Federal health reforms bring benefit changes and new deadlines starting next year for Medicare recipients. The highlights:

Other sources of Medicare information

There are lots of resources to help seniors sort out their Medicare options. You might want to consider getting help from more than one of these sources, because some are more focused on promoting only one or a few Medicare plans:

The ABC’s — and D — of Medicare

Medicare is a federal insurance plan that provides basic coverage for medical care to seniors and people with certain physical disabilities.

Medicare: Common questions, answers

Here are the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about Medicare.

New Medicare plans, low price increases

Louis Harrison came to a Medicare seminar earlier this month looking for ways to cut his spending on prescription drugs.

Your guide to Medicare

As annual open enrollment gets under way Nov. 15 to Dec. 31 — the time when most seniors can buy, drop or switch plans — thousands are filling seminars. And with good reason.

Medicare open enrollment starts in November

A few days after voters make their decisions known at the polls, the senior members of that group will face more decision-making as the Medicare fall open-enrollment period begins under the new health care-reform legislation.

Medicare changes bring tricks, treats for recipients

Here’s a Halloween tip: If you really want to startle some folks, dress up as a Medicare health plan.

Medicare scam targets senior citizens

I answered the telephone Thursday night and was greeted by a very pleasant male voice who told me he had some very good news for me. He could help me reduce my Medicare supplemental insurance pre…

Medicare Cuts Necessary, Nelson Says

LAKELAND | health care reform won’t eliminate Medicare or damage the quality of care its patients receive, U.S. Sen. Bill Nelson said Friday night at the University of South Florida Polytechnic.

Medicare pilots deliver mixed savings results

The Fiscal Times explores whether the Medicare pilot programs in the new health law will end up saving money.

Ads Use Medicare Cuts as Rallying Point

The intent is to put Democratic candidates for Congress on the defensive about the health care overhaul.

Misleading ads scaring seniors, Medicare advocates say

CHARLESTON, W.Va. — “Irresponsible, misleading” election ads are needlessly frightening West Virginia seniors, state Bureau of Senior services staff members and seniors advocates say.Federal health reform does not “gut” or even cut…

Medicare Fraud: Couple Kept Behind Bars Until Trial

Medicare fraud couple, Lawrence Duran and Marianella Valera, will remain behind bars leading up to their trial, a federal magistrate court in Miami has ruled. Duran and Valera are accused of a $2