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New Regulations Proposed for Accountable Care Organizations

The long-awaited proposed regulations on accountable care organizations have been issued.

Health Procedures’ Costs Vary Widely Across Texas

The cost of common medical procedures paid for by medicaid in Texas varies sharply by hospital and region, and some health officials say a single base rate would save the state millions of dollars.

$3 billion lawsuit alleges Medicare underpayment to physicians

Three physicians and seven California counties are suing HHS to fix a system that produces what they consider unfair pay discrepancies.

Medicare gears up for strict anti-fraud campaign

Improper payments hit $48 billion in 2010, but physicians are considered low risk.

Medicare: General enrollment and general information from Social Security

Medicare: General enrollment and general information from Social Security Sharon Newton Social Security District Manager in Cambridge Need Medicare Part B? If you’re eligible, now is the time to sign up. The general enrollment period for Medicare Part B r

Medicare misconceptions that can cost you

SAN FRANCISCO — The federal Medicare program is popular among older Americans, but that doesn’t mean it’s easy to navigate.

Medicare Could Cover STD Screenings for Seniors

Medicare already pays for HIV screenings, but the federal Centers for Medicare and medicaid services , is considering adding other STD exams to the list of exams reimbursed by Medicare, the federal health insurance program for almost 40 million American seniors. The additions come as new statistics show rapidly rising STD infections in the over-40 [...]

Miami-Dade doctor acquitted in Medicare fraud case

A Miami-Dade doctor was acquitted of Medicare fraud charges Friday in a sweeping home healthcare case that has so far netted more than 20 convictions through guilty plea deals.

Miami doctor acquitted in Medicare fraud case

A Miami federal jury acquitted a physician of Medicare fraud in a major home healthcare investigation.

Medicare fraud costs taxpayers big money

Medicare could wrench as much as $70 billion a year in savings by cracking down on fraud, experts told Congress this week.

Medicare recipients win one

Controlling health care costs is an increasingly important part of retirement planning. Even if you’re already on Medicare, there can be expensive surprises.

Medicare physician pay set to be cut 29.5% in 2012

The latest CMS estimate, which could be revised, assumes that Congress will not step in to override cuts required by law.

The Medicare Chief

A response to an article about Senate’s reluctance to appointing Dr. Donald M. Berwick.

Dumbing Deficits Down

Having a “what were they thinking?” moment recently.

Palm Drive admits $2.3 million in improper Medicare billings

Palm Drive Hospital has acknowledged improperly billing Medicare for $2.3 million in services in 2007 through 2010.