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Does the Ryan Plan Curb Health Spending?

Many people seem unwilling to acknowledge that they ration themselves by what they decide to buy and not buy, an economist writes.

Beware ‘Mission Accomplished’ on Budget Debate

A Republican plan to cut and reform Medicare has yet to damage the party in polls so far.

Test of Eye Drug Is Said to Show Success in Elderly

A study of drugs to treat a form of macular degeneration is said to offer some support for the use of Avastin, a far less costly drug than one that is frequently prescribed, Lucentis.

House Republicans Under Attack on Medicare Overhaul

House Republicans appear to be on the defensive, facing worried questions from voters and a barrage of new attacks from Democrats and their allies.

The Special Doctor-Patient Relationship

Readers respond to a recent column about the relationship between doctors and patients.

Let’s Take a Hike

If the federal budget and national deficit situation is so serious, shouldn’t we be raising taxes, not cutting them?

Deficit Cutting: Who Bears the Burden?

Readers respond to a recent column.

A Real Choice on Medicare

The Republicans suddenly embrace needed cuts, but mainly want to shift burden to beneficiaries.

A Family Doctor Looks to Retire, but Finds No One to Take Over

Dr. Ronald Sroka has been in practice for 32 years, and has a roster of 4,000 patients, but with costs going up and reimbursements going down he is looking for an out.

Reassuring Deficit News

A new study from the Congressional Budget Office shows that a lot of the budget deficit will correct itself without Congress doing anything.

Patients Are Not Consumers

Politicians talk about the act of receiving health care as if it were no different from a commercial transaction, like buying a car.

Obama, Before Facebook Crowd, Presses G.O.P. on Budget

An appreciative audience applauds the critique by the president, who is rewarded with a hoodie from Mark Zuckerberg.

Medicare Panel Runs Into Bipartisan Opposition

President Obama wants to expand the board’s cost-cutting reach, but opponents fear it would usurp the power of Congress.

The Middle-Class Tax Trap

The real cost of leaving America’s entitlement programs untouched.

‘Ask Medicare’ 2.0

The Centers for Medicare and medicaid services revamps a section of the Medicare Web site for caregivers.